The Brandon Garon Team Mentorship

In 2023 Brandon launched the Brandon Garon Team Mentorship. After years of mentoring agents he realized there was a gap with agent training. He found the struggle with many agents is trying to tackle every aspect of the complex industry from day 1. There were some that were phenomenal at showings, contracts and working the deal to the closing table, but they struggled to either market to generate leads or struggled to convert leads over the phones. While they understood and excelled at the second part, it wasn't moving the needle forward to the level they wanted because of the bottleneck of getting a buyer that wanted to work with them. This is why Brandon created his mentorship program.

Brandon has found a way to generate more leads than 1 person can handle. For the past 2 years it has led him to being the top agent in his office. So Brandon would continue to bring in the leads and consult with them. After, as a team, the mentor and Brandon would work together on showings, inspections and join at the closing table! This way the agent would share in commision with Brandon and not have to stress aboutevery aspect of the business on day 1!

After working with Brandon for an extended time, learning the ins and out of the business, the agent would have the opportunity to branch off and build on their own, under the continued leadership of Brandon.

Due to the time Brandon vests with each agent, only 1 can be mentored at a time, so don't hesitate to schedule a call with Brandon by filling out the form below.