What's Your Situation?

Late On Payments

Pre-Foreclosure occurs when a homeowner fails to make mortgage payments prompting the lender to issue a notice of default. Above all, don't panic, the best thing is to take proactive steps and gather as much information as you can. We can assess your situation and find a solution!


Selling your house, moving, or starting a new job can sound stressful. Stay in your home as long as you need to and move when you want to with the flexible relocation program. 


Divorce is never an easy process with complex and personal situations surrounding the home sale. Get a quick settlement of the home with Jeff Cook Offers.

Multiple Mortgages

Do you find yourself facing:

  • An inherited house that still requires mortgage payments.
  • An out of state move and a delay in selling your house while you are paying rent.
  • Payments on an empty vacation home that has become burdensome.


Inherited Property or Estate Sale

Selling a house that you've inherited can be filled with many emotions and challenges and oftentimes need costly repairs. An Estate Sale is held by an owner's heirs or loved ones, or a company or real estate agents they've hired to handle the process.

Too Many Repairs

We will buy your house as-is and in its current condition. We specialize in making these sales fast and hassle-free. Skip the headache of fixing repairs yourself.

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